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Nicholai Hel is the most deadly assassin in the world. Half German, half Russian, bought up by a Japanese general; mystic, philosopher, master of the senses, a man of Shibumi. When Hannah Stern escapes as the only survivor from a fake 'Black September' raid staged by the CIA she runs to Hel for help since her uncle saved Hel's life many years ago. Diamond is the man who has to find them, with the help of Fat Boy, controlled, like everyone else - the politicians, the military, and the CIA - by the sinister organization known as the Mother Company.


Spanning three continents and half a century, Shibumi is a bestseller of violent, erotic, mind bending power.

  • Being Watched: Protagonist Nicholai Hel is capable of sensing when someone is watching him. It is not really telepathy and he isn't wholly sure how he gained that ability but he speculates it is a result of his senses being sharpened to cope with the lack of external stimulus after spending several years in solitary confinement. Considering he has several other Charles Atlas Superpowers, it's probably not as strange for him.
  • Nebulous Evil Organisation: The Mother Company.
  • Older Than They Look: Nicholai Hel is 50 years olds, but is described as looking like he's in his 30s
  • Professional Killer: Nicholai Hel is an assassin.
  • Sex God: Nicholai Hel and his mistress are level 4 sexual adepts. Nicholai's favorite variant is where they sit/kneel at opposite walls of an empty room and try to make the other person orgasm first through sheer concentration. He later abandons it because of the lack of affection involved.
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  • Sole Survivor: Hannah Stern is the only survivor of a raid instigated by the Mother Company.