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Shadowkeep is a short 1984 novel from Alan Dean Foster, based on his work on the Trillium RPG of the same name. (The 1991 Mac game Shadow Keep is no relation.)

The good wizard Gorwyther, owner of the eponymous fortress of Shadowkeep was tricked and sealed by the evil Demon King Dal'Brad, who's now planning the invasion of Earth. The young smith apprentice Practor Fime decide to try his luck and venture forth in the cursed castle. Along the way he befriends the Garoo Sranul, the Thaladar sage Maryld and the mighty Zhiss'ta Hargrod. Together, they venture in the castle in order to free Gorwyther, stop the Demon King and reclaim the legendary treasure of Shadowkeep.

The book, while sounding similar to a Role-Playing fantasy adventure, is still not too bad.


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