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Sanctioned, by Chrys Kelly, is a Web Serial Novel with six main POV characters, set in an independent Scotland that the government insists is a utopia, free of crime, poverty, homelessness, and bigotry.

Five of these characters; Ashleigh, Rebecca, Stacey, Zaheera, and Mary Joy, have just finished mandatory government-overseen training to unlock and control their superpowers. The sixth character, Lexie, starts the story on the run from the English Authority.There are multiple simultaneous storylines running throughout, but the two it starts with are Beki's and Stacey's stories.

Beki was declared a dud by the Scottish government – meaning she had the potential for superpowers but never developed them. When her best friend, Ashleigh, kisses her, and her strict religious background causes her mind to revolt, her superpower is unlocked and she changes gender with no idea of how to change back.

Meanwhile, Stacey is determined to find out the truth behind the death of Glorious, Scotland's most famous superhero. Why are the government, police and media conspiring to cover up the truth?

There's a strong LGBTQA+ theme to the work: Ashleigh is gay, Stacey is bisexual, and it's anyone's guess what gender and sexuality Beki will be when she sorts herself out.

Sanctioned launched in June 2016, and updates regularly on Tuesdays and Fridays.

[Sanctioned] contains examples of:

  • Divided States of America: According to the published back story and glossary, America has been split into the United Northern States of America, and God's Beloved Chosen America.
  • Dystopia: England is presented as a right-wing dystopia where super-powered people are enslaved by the state. Oh, and there's zombies.
  • False Utopia: It's said to be set in a utopia, without crime, poverty, or homelessness, but there's already evidence it isn't perfect. Ashleigh suspects there's no homelessness because the homeless were dragged off in unmarked vans.
  • Flying Brick: Glorious is one of these, being indestructible, and with super strength, and flight. The story begins just after she was stabbed to death.
  • Limited Wardrobe: When Ashleigh is packing to leave the SNDA complex, she has only the clothes she is wearing and one change.
  • Meta Origin: There are genetic markers that signify someone might develop powers. No one without those markers can develop powers.
  • Super Registration Act: all fifteen year olds must undergo testing to see if they have the genetic markers to indicate they might develop powers. All potential powers must go for the Test Year or leave the country, anything else is treason, punishable by death.
  • Whole Episode Flashback: As the series progresses, flashbacks are coming more frequently. In Day Two, every third instalment was a flashback.