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Literature / Samuel Blink and the Forbidden Forest

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"There is a place you must never enter. It is a place where evil has many faces, and where creatures of myth live and breathe. And kill. It is a place beyond dreams or nightmares—a place that has so far been too feared to be called anything at all. Now, in this book, I will explain the unexplained, and give fear a name that suits it well. That name shall be Shadow Forest, and it will plant terror in your hearts."

Samuel Blink and the Forbidden Forest (also known as Shadow Forest) is a novel written by British novelist Matt Haig.

The book is about Samuel, regular, 12-year-old boy and his sister who goes to live with his eccentric aunt after his parents in a car crash.

How quaint.

His aunt's lengthy list of rule contain two that stand out in particular: do not enter the forest, and do not enter the attic. Naturally, this just stokes his curiousity. When he breaks the latter, he finds a book, called The Creatures of Shadow Forest, written by Prof. Horatio Tanglewood, describing supernatural, incredibly dangerous creatures within said forest.

The question is, why are they so dangerous?