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Literature / Sadira

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Sadira is a novel written by Sam Turiel, published online in seven parts here.

The plot revolves around a young geneticist, the eponymous Sadira Archer, who creates a "retro-virus" designed to naturally increase the size of a woman's breasts without surgery. After her proposal for the virus is shot down by her boss, Sadira accidentally infects herself with the virus, which begins increasing her bust at a rate of 4" every day.


This work provides examples of:

  • Big Breast Pride: Played with in Pamela, played straight with one of Sadira's coworkers.
  • Breast Expansion: Drives the plot, in several ways. A deconstruction of more typical porn without plot stories that feature this, as the main goal of the protagonists is to stop Sadira's growth once it has started.

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