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Literature / Sacred Druid Blood

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A group of messengers on behalf of ambassadors from another kingdom arrive with an unexpected diplomatic offering. What they have to offer further complicates Brielle's already chaotic and politically charged life.How she ended up as queen of her people, married with a child and on the brink of war with another people is expanded upon.

Sacred Druid Blood is a work in the Anthologies of Ullord by Nikki Flynn and Edwin Dantes.

Tropes Associated with Sacred Druid Blood

  • Adorkable Brielle and Ciar both have shades of this.
    • Brielle is socially inept, introverted, shy and indiscriminately kind to others, even when others would find it foolish.
    • Ciar usually has his nose in a book and is easily flustered by normal interactions with other people.
  • Druid A lot of wood elves are born with these abilities.
  • Fantastic Racism The sama, who are if nothing else, consistent in their ability to look down upon other races.
  • Force-Field Door
  • In the Blood The sama have figured out that certain traits run in families, including druidic abilities.
  • Noble Incognito Druids patrol the perimeter of the domain and are difficult to tell apart from the commoners during their patrols because everybody is wearing armor and armed to fend off trespassers.

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