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"To all those who wish to jump into a glowing pool of light and end up in another universe."
The author

Nasha: I’m being silly? You’re the one talking to yourself.
Also Nasha: Fine, you know what? I’m ending our conversation.
Nasha: This isn’t a conversation, you’re talking to you!!
Chapter 27, "A Good Conversation Is One You Have With Yourself"

SPAZ (standing for Space Police After Zanna) is a Web Original written by Nasha-Yakushi on deviantart. Described as "The Ultimate Fan-Fic", it's melding of characters from all sorts of different works, from Artemis Fowl to Naruto. Also features a more and more important cast of original characters, some of whom draw their basis from the author and her friends. Full of action, romance, adventure, technology, nerdiness (lots of nerdiness) and plenty of ass-kicking, you can read it here: [1]


Not to be confused with Space Pirates and Zombies.

SPAZ provides examples of:


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