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What happens when the Furry Fandom meets superhero fiction in the form of a (somewhat) Darker and Edgier Web Serial Novel that places emphasis on Character Development and verbal humor?

Apparently, you get a brother-sister duo of "Herculean" foxes carrying the torch of their movie-star father while said father faces his own problems in the afterlife.

Jack and Alice Fossker are silver foxes living in the "island metropolis" of Rock City, living out normal lives as a book-store manager and gym teacher, respectively, by day, and combating the city's underworld by night. Assisting them is their informant, Johnny Crowe, a former snoop-for-hire who decided to serve the Fosskers exclusively after they saved his life.


Meanwhile, Charlie Fossker and his wife Angelique have moved on to the Land of the Dead, where the former learns the hard way that trying to play the hero doesn't work out well after death.

Rock City Chronicles is the brainchild of Dukurow of DeviantArt, and has been running since November 2014. It currently has two story arcs: The Initial Twelve, which jumps between time periods and planes of existence while setting up future events, and The Gryphon's Vengeful Flight, an ongoing arc focusing on Jack and Alice's efforts to stop a Herculean Serial Killer.

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