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In Celu Amberstone's 2004 science fiction novella Refugees, alien Benefactors intercede to protect the Earth from humans by relocating indigenous people to a different planet. The central conflict is between the indigenous rooted, who have lived on the planet for seven generations, and the indigenous routed, new arrivees from Vancouver.

Tropes featured in Refugees include:

  • We Come in Peace Shoot to Kill: Throughout the novella, characters question the Benefactors' motivations.
  • Earth That Used to Be Better: Seven generations have lived on the new planet; they don't understand why the new arrivals are so homesick for the world they left.
  • The Social Darwinist: The Benefactors convince the humans that they are a genetically-flawed species.
  • Living Ship: The Benefactors' spaceship is apparently an intelligent living organism; it kills humans when they attempt to hijack it.
  • The City vs. the Country: The indigenous rooted are content with living off the land, whereas the indigenous routed miss urban Vancouver.
  • Space Amish: There is a debate over whether the new arrivees should be allowed to use technology; strict limits are placed on it.
  • Cult Colony: The characters live on a compound and engage in Communion, a religious meditation in which they travel to distant places. They also hold ceremonies and Big Sings. No one is allowed to question the Benefactors.