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Literature / Red Moon Rising (Holt)

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How far will she go to save her world?
Oo'ta kon famalil naa paht toofa'a. note  

This science fiction story by KA Holt was published in 2016. Ramona "Rae" Darling and her younger sister Temple live in a colony on a remote moon. The human settlers are constantly battling the moon's natives, dubbed "the Cheese". Being a girl is a liability, because they are oppressed by the settlers and kidnapped by the Cheese. When Rae and Temple are kidnapped, they find an accepting society, where girls are trained to be fierce warriors. Temple is delighted, but Rae questions her own loyalties.

Not to be mistaken for Red Moon Rising (Moore), an Urban Fantasy book published in 2011, or Red Moon Rising, a Fantasy Steampunk webcomic started in 2009.

Red Moon Rising contains examples of: