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I don't like being hunted.

Penguin Problems is a piece of Children's Literature written Jory John and illustrated by Lane Smith (Not to be confused with the actor with the same name). It's a Short Story about a penguin that complains a lot. It was first published in 2016.

This book provides examples of:

  • Everything's Better with Penguins: You could easily replace the penguins with just about any other animal and it would be mostly the same, suggesting that this Trope was deliberately put in play.
  • Identical Stranger: All of the penguins look identical to each other. It's so bad that even the protagonist gets confused.
    Penguin 1: Mom?
    Penguin 2: I literally have no idea who you are.
    Penguin 1: Dad?
    Penguin 3: I literally have no idea what you're talking about. My name is Mortimer.'
  • Monstrous Seal: The leopard seal as it tries to eat the penguin.
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  • Proverbial Wisdom: The walrus speaks this way when he tries to help out the penguin with his words of wisdom.
  • Warm-Hearted Walrus: A friendly walrus tries to help the protagonist at some point with some words of wisdom.
  • Wings Do Nothing: The main penguin flaps his wings to demonstrate that he can't fly.