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Ebrellin-i and Lyric

The Peacock King is an ongoing project by Irk, a transgender man, who does writing and art for the project. Currently, it consists of the completed first trilogy (Book One A Token-Box With Which to Buy a Soul, Book Two The Buzzards That Circle The Throne, and Book Three The Souls That Pass Through the Void), the first book of the sequel White Thaumist trilogy, Awakening at Midnight; as well as several miniseries and shorts.

The series is on hiatus while Book One is undergoing editing, the Book One print edition is currently running as a Kickstarter.

''The enigmatic Peacock King, ruler of half of the known world, seeks to possess the land itself by enslaving the spirits of the wild. Gerald, a newly initiated Poet whose magic is as real as he can write it, is also one of the Armed — enforcers of the Law who wield guns with souls. His mission: infiltrate the Peacock King's Court and gather intelligence. Unfortunately for Gerald, things quickly go awry...


Can he outwit the Peacock King? Will he be able to save his long-lost brother, who is the King's new spirit-tamer?''

In short, it is a story about stupid spies getting caught, magic sword kings, traps, men in makeup, talking guns, brawls where people get bitten, ecological activism, hardcore diary writing, world war, caffeinated politics, chess games over custody, dramatic courtroom fingerpointing, and tea.

The creator's main tumblr here.

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