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It's a rainy Saturday morning. Seven teenagers show up at the same school, ready to serve one full day of detention.

What follows is not a regular detention. After one of the kids and their only adult supervisor fall inexplicably dead, the kids must discover who is the serial killer hiding among them- and, to do that, they will have to delve deeply into each other's past, and rediscover memories that they had forced out of their brains for several years.


A slightly dark though nonetheless comedic script, "Lista de Chamada" was put together by Franco Alencastro, and published in his blog in serial form between 2012 and 2013. It can be read here (if you know Portuguese, that is)A list of characters would involve:

Caio: The one that comes the closest to being the protagonist, due to this script having an Ensemble Cast. He is best friends with Bola, and late into the story develops a crush into Patrícia.

Bola: Acts as Caio's best friend and the script's main Jerk with a Heart of Gold.

Anna: The resident dumb popular girl, though she has quite a few tricks up her sleeve.

Armando: Victória's brother. He likes to bake cookies. Also, he regularly abuses his sister. And most of his colleagues.

Vítor: A mysterious fellow. He acts as leader of the Five-Man Band for most of the script.


Patrícia: The Dark Chick. She shows up much later than the others and as a result loses the first few murders, and, even though at first she is thought to be useless, she becomes a baluable part of the group.

Victória: Armando's sister. She is shown mostly in flashbacks, but later becomes an important plotpoint.

Felipe: The Stoner. He is killed off really quick.

Zumbi: the video game addict. He is basically oblivious of everything that is taking place in the school until the ending.

The Supervisor: An unnamed adult supervisor, and very incompetent at that. The kids seem to know him, but dismiss his authority. He dies pretty early on.

It's basically The Breakfast Club meets Scream.


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