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Outsourced is a self-published novel written by William Maldonado that tells the tale of Isaac Fisher. Isaac is a man who works a sales position at an adult DVD company. He hates his job, but has had no luck finding new work over the course of seven years and requires the money to pay for a gender reassignment surgery. He has long grown up feeling awkward about his body and has kept these facts as a dark little secret that he's finally ready to work through.

However, one day at work, he witnesses an employee being manhandled by security, and this brings him under the eye of Security Officer Felix, a man who then makes his work life a living hell. On top of this, Isaac has to deal with his relation to his family, none of whom has any idea of what Isaac had been saving for all this time.

In the background is a discussion on what issues cloning may cause in the near future, which Isaac promptly ignores given where he is in life.


You can find download/hardcover copies of this book here and softcover copies here or here.

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