Mr Popper, a great fan of arctic expeditions and explorers in general, one day receives a surprise in the mail from an Admiral he admires: a penguin. He promptly dubs it "Captain Cook" and happily settles it into the icebox (freezer), but, well...[[Literature/IfYouGiveAMouseACookie if you give Mr Popper a penguin]]...

Written in [[TheGreatDepression 1938]] by Richard and Florence Atwater, it won a [[UsefulNotes/NewberyMedal Newbery Honor]] in 1939 and the Young Reader's Choice Award in 1940.

Was made into a very loose [[TheFilmOfTheBook film adaptation]] starring Creator/JimCarrey in 2011.


!!This work includes the following tropes:
* EatTheDog: When the Poppers begin to run low on food, the possibility of eating one of the penguins comes up, but it's shot down when even Mrs. Popper agrees she wouldn't like it.
* EverythingsBetterWithPenguins: While the penguins cause many difficulties, their playful antics ultimately add fun and adventure (not to mention money) to the lives of their owners.
* HeyLetsPutOnAShow: The Poppers solve their money problems by teaching the penguins a routine and taking it on the road.