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Morpheus Road is a fantasy series from D.J. MacHale, author of The Pendragon Adventure. The three installments are The Light, The Black, and The Blood.

The series focuses on a pair of friends from Pendragon's Stony Brook, Marshall "Marsh" Seaver and Cooper Foley. Cooper unknowingly scalped some counterfeit Yankees tickets to help his sister, Sydney, pay her hospital bill after she got an infection because of a tattoo she wanted to keep secret. In order to avoid spending the summer in Juvie, Cooper ratted on the guys who gave him the tickets, and had to spend the summer at his parents' lake house. When he disappears without a trace, Marshall and Sydney start getting haunted by Gravedigger, a comic book character Marshall created. This eventually leads them to the lake, where they discover that Cooper was killed in a boating accident. But they soon realize that this is only the beginning...


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