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The Montmaray Trilogy is composed of three young adult novels by Australian author Michelle Cooper, centering on the fictitious country of Montmaray during the very real events leading up to and including World War II. The books are written in the form of the journals of Princess Sophia FitzOsborne of Montmaray, and chronicle the family's exploits. Sophia's family includes her cousin, Princess Veronica; her older brother, (eventual) King Toby; her younger sister, Princess Henry, and her cousin/love interest, Veronica's illegitimate half-brother Simon.


The trilogy is, in order:

  1. A Brief History of Montmaray (2009)
  2. The FitzOsbornes in Exile (2010)
  3. The FitzOsbornes at War (2012)

Tropes used in the trilogy:

  • Kissing Cousins: Both Sophie and Toby with Simon.
  • Micro Monarchy: There are nine inhabitants of Montmaray at the beginning of the trilogy. At the end, the royal family is only there in the summer, and a caretaker looks after the castle in the winter.
  • Never Found the Body: Toby
  • Nice Guy: Rupert
  • Politically Active Princess: Veronica is the driving force behind their campaign to get Montmaray back from the Nazis in The FitzOsbornes in Exile, ending with her wonderful speech to the League of Nations. In The FitzOsbornes at War, she becomes one of the first women to join the British Foreign Office as a diplomat.
  • Tomboyish Name: Don't call Henry "Henrietta"!
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  • War Is Hell


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