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Literature / Mirror Destiny

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Joseph Mikail is an Ordinary High-School Student, and a casual fan of Le Parkour. Except, one day, he has an odd daydream that involves being attacked by Vampires, along with a little girl begging for him to save her.

Afterwards, he simply brushes the experience off as nothing. It was All Just a Dream, after all, right?

Except that later the same day, he meets a girl named Nia who shared the exact same dream he did. Moreover, this girl quickly proves that she possesses her own supernatural gift — the ability to foretell the future. Joseph is quickly forced to realize that things which he assumed were fantasy and make-believe are more real than he imagined.


Oh, but even worse than that, they all want him dead.

Joseph and Nia quickly find themselves Trapped in Another World, forced to do desperate and unpleasant tasks to survive.

But with every action they make, Nia's prediction of the future turns increasingly bleak. Read it here.

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