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Maluanagu is the story of a somewhat pathetic Earthling who comes upon a book called the Economicon, and is promptly attacked by evil alien Economists that are after the book, which they plan on using to resurrect their evil Economist gods. The Economists are blown up by other aliens that are also after the book in order to foil the evil schemes of the Economists, and they take the Earthling aboard their ship.


All of this results in lots of adventures which are only marginally less unpleasant to the main character than his previous existence. Along the way, he meets Nular, the man responsible for saving his butt, as well as his crew; he infiltrates the Economist homeworld together with said crew in order to discover how to destroy the Economicon, stealing a ship in the process, which they name the Maluanagu; and he meets the girl of his dreams, much to his regret.Among other things.

The work's author is currently looking into getting it published, as well as working on the sequel.


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