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Literature / Magical Annals Antiquities And Arcana

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Windfire in the cave of leylines
Literature/Magical Annals is a series of nine books. The first book (Magical Annals Antiquities And Arcana) follows Windfire Deverille and her family as they adjust to life on the mortal plane. Some of the other royal-blooded witches are followed as well, including each of her suitors. After being left alone for several years, Windfire and her family are visited by one of the royal families who had been an ally in the past. Soon, many other witch family representatives visit the mortal plane to seek audience with the Deverille witches.

Windfire soon finds herself struggling with decisions about her future. She receives several offers that would allow her to return home to her birth place, but, she had grown attached to various features of the mortal plane that she could not experience on the witching plane.

Tropes Associated with Antiquities and Arcana

  • Accidental Marriage This happens when Windfire and Nightshade are children. They inadvertently do the main portion of marriage ceremonies. And their parents have very different reactions.
  • Addictive Magic This is why most physical contact is restricted before marriage. The physical acts of everything from kissing to sexual intercourse feels so good the persons involved feel compelled to repeat the act. Mixing blood has similar effects.
  • Alien Blood Witches of noble ancestry (or with a significant amount of noble blood) will bleed silver. Commoner witches will bleed blue.
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  • Aristocrats Are Evil Played with. A lot. And inverted, subverted, and zigzagged.
  • Big Damn Kiss Naturally. It comes with the genre.
    • Played straight with Nightshade and Windfire
    • Subverted with Riverrose. He kisses Windfire, confesses his love for her, and then accepts that she is going to marry Nightshade all in the same scene.
  • Blood Magic Here it is viewed as less evil than other uses of the trope.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality The ancients have this and live by it. With there seeming to be no real guiding factor to govern their behavior. This is especially apparent when Nightfall murders the man who arranged the abduction of his child. He crosses into Moral Myopia territory during the conversation he has with Skybolt Simon. It is played for laughs for those with a Dark Sense of Humor and for Hypocritical Humor.
  • Boy Meets Girl
  • City of Spies It is revealed that the drag outside of the nobles' lands includes this feature. It is where most families get their spies.
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  • Cloak & Dagger
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience
    • The families all have a distinct color scheme with their hair, eye and skin colors.
    • The families also have color schemes. The Deverille witches wear silver, red and white.
  • Elemental Powers
  • Expository Hairstyle Change The first haircut a witch has is when they are to be married to signify changes and moving forward in life.
  • Fantastic Drug Some magic can be seen as this and has this sort of an effect.
  • LEGO Genetics
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming Antiquities and Arcana into Amor and Augurs
  • Interspecies Romance All of royal-blooded are descended from different magical ancestors. They refer to themselves and other royals as their ancestor as well.
  • Love Dodecahedron
  • Love Potion One can conclude from the timing of the love spell that Windfire and Nightshade like one another and have a deep friendship, but that their sexual encounter was sparked by the spell instead of the situation and their feelings for the other. It could have also intensified the physical contact between the two so that the Addictive Magic effects mentioned above more or less tricked them into falling in love.
  • Mark of the Supernatural All royal-blooded witches have them. This was done intentionally to make them look distinct and off-putting.
  • Moral Myopia Present with a lot of characters. But, of course others are the monsters for behaving in such a way. They are justified in their actions though. It's a tossup whether Nightfall, Skybolt or Earthwind is the guiltiest of this trope.
  • No Hugging, No Kissing This is the expectation for all witches. It is justified because it is to control the bloodlines and to track the offspring and heirs of each noble family.
  • Rapunzel Hair All unmarried noble witches normally have this.
  • Revenge by Proxy The ancients (who are not the best people by far) have enacted this upon one another. Skybolt (the Simon family ancient) finds out his wife Dawnbreak (Deverille ancient) is pregnant with another man's child. The man is Nightfall Gerard. And since mixing bloodlines is seen as powerful and Dawnbreak married into his family instead of vice-versa, Skybolt sees her affair as robbing him of his insanely powerful heir since it would have to be the firstborn of both of their families. So he arranges for their son to be abducted and taken to where he will never be found. And he did this as an act of torture against them because that is far worse than them finding out that the child is dead. For this, Nightfall murders Skybolt with the intention of marrying Dawnbreak.
  • The Multiverse
  • Sacred First Kiss With the reserved culture, this is something important reserved for the wedding day.
    • There are also other reasons related to magic and the effect of sexual contact between royal-blooded witches. It is basically a Fantastic Drug and Addictive Magic
  • Shipper on Deck Most of Windfire's cousins have a preferred romantic partner for Windfire for various reasons.
  • Sins of Our Ancestors The Gerard family hypothesizes that this is the reason for the misfortunes of the Deverille family. This is because ancient history is forgotten, languages change, documents are lost and there is nothing they have done in modern history that could have been seen as a declaration of war. It turns out that The Simon coven has kept detailed records that have been passed down from head of coven to head of coven for millions of years. Unlike the other covens, they do so orally instead of with written word. And for every sleight against their family, Earthwind is enacting vengeance. YMMV on whether it is justified after seeing how the ancestors behaved toward one another.
  • Super Breeding Program
  • Single-Target Sexuality

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Main/Centeral Characters

    Windfire Deverille
The faery heir
  • Expository Hairstyle Change Windfire's hair was singed during the fire. So she cuts and maintains a much shorter hairstyle after her exile.
  • Fiery Redhead This is heavily Subverted. She can be snarky and wry, but she is never really fiery. Except Literally.
  • Indifferent Beauty Despite her appearance being remarked upon, she does not seem to care for her appearance.
  • Light Girl, Dark Boy She is the light girl to Nightshade's dark boy. She is when compared to any and all of her suitors except for Darkflame.
  • Must Have Caffeine She picked up a love for caffeine and many things about the mortal world that do not exist on the witching plane. She also begins introducing her suitors to this mythic nectar.
  • Overcome with Desire She and Nightshade talk about their past and then they end up talking themselves into sex
  • Smells Sexy Depending on who you ask...
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man

    Nightshade Gerard
The matagot heir
  • Childhood Friend Romance He has very obvious romantic feelings for Windfire. And flashbacks reveal that the two of them spent considerable unsupervised time together.
  • After coming to terms with his feelings for Windfire, he has a Expository Hairstyle Change to signify him being dedicated to marrying her. It also serves as a reference and embodiment of the title because he thinks that having incredibly long hair is inconvenient and a tradition of witches that needs to be a custom of the past.
  • Literally Loving Thy Neighbor The Deverille and Gerard estates are on neighboring lands.
  • Megane He does wear glasses for reading.
  • Puppy Love As a child he and Windfire shared a large amount of this.
  • Stoic Spectacles

    Silverwolf Deverille
A sweet, little old lady

    Nightfire Gerard
The mantle-wearer of the designated librarians

    Riverrose Whitley
The crazy hobo
  • Beware the Honest Ones This is part of the reason Windfire is distrustful of him. She knows that she can count on various witches to be dishonest and to behave in their own self interest or politically via their family's wants. But, he seems not to have an agenda.
  • Bounty Hunter He catches escaped magical beings and wanted magical criminals. He turns them over for a profit.
  • Cloudcuckoolander He is weird and a bit out there at times. But, is mostly sane. And harmless.
  • Crapsack World He immediately comes to this conclusion shortly after the Deverille coven exile.
  • Crash-Into Hello He literally crashed into Windfire when they first met. She caught the creature he was hunting and he inadvertently tackled her.
  • Cute Little Fangs
  • Genki Boy He can be one. Much more than the other witches. Except Ravenwater.
  • Functional Magic Riverrose is a user of this for things like teleporting instead of elemental conjuring.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords He is far better with swords and general magic than elemental magic.
  • Honor Before Reason He believes in this wholeheartedly. And he embodies it. He promises to split his bounty payment with Windfire because she helped him catch the escaped creature he had been chasing before their meeting. And he shows up on the mortal plane to give her half of what he earned. He could have easily given her less money. Or simply not given her any of the profits at all. But, he did promise that he would.
  • Love At First Scent He is weird.
  • Manic Pixie Dream Boy Riverrose is odd and sweet. He has strange behaviors and is positive almost relentlessly. And the weirdness and strange interactions Windfire has with him tends to cheer her up and make her let go of her cynical thoughts for at least a little while.
  • The Dulcinea Effect He has light shades of this. This is especially true when his family is at the ruins of the Deverille land. And he hadn't even met Windfire yet.
  • The Fettered He has a code of honor and behavior. To him it is the highest law.
  • The Idealist He is this as a child and a teen. He immediately decided he wanted to leave the witching plane when he became disillusioned by his family's stance of self-preservation over honor.
  • Took a Level in Cynic He had this moment after he found out about the cowardice of his family.
  • Values Dissonance He finds that his code of ethics that guide his behavior and decision making is contrary to what is the norm for witches.
  • Walking the Multiverse Via The Cave of Leylines He started this because of not wanting to be around his family any longer. Walking the multiverse seemed to be a way to distance himself from them and the hypocrisy he had come to realize existed.

    Darkflame Birch 
Cannot Talk to Women When he first meets Windfire, he is incredibly tongue-tied. It is a Gibberish of Love moment. That spoiler is also tied into his mother forbidding him for speaking their family's affairs and concerns with others in an attempt to maintain some secrecy and privacy. And he is terrified of accidentally revealing too much to outsiders and thus disappointing his mother.

    Earthwind Simon 


    Deverille Witches 
The Deverille witches are the descendants of the ancient faery. They all have pointy ears, white markings beneath their eyes and pale white eyes. The mostly have dark hair or red hair. All of them have healing abilities from their faery ancestor.

  • Creepy Blue Eyes All of the Deverille witches are born with incredibly pale blue eyes.
  • Expository Hairstyle Change All of the Deverille coven has shorter hair than they normally would. Their hair was cut after the fire.
  • Fairy Sexy Your mileage may vary of course.
  • Healing Hands All Deverille witches are born with this ability.
  • Mark of the Supernatural The Deverille witches have white markings beneath their eyes, pointed ears and pale blue eyes.
  • Super Breeding Program This is what they did to make desirable gene pools among their heirs. Redheads which are incredibly rare are quite preferred.

    Gerard Witches 
The Gerard Witches are the descendants of the ancient matagot. They all have eye markings and black eyes with white slit pupils. They have mostly black hair with occasional blonds and brunettes. All of them have eyes that have see the truth.
  • They are a bunch of [[Hot Librarian Hot Libarians]. YMMV, naturally.
  • Magical Eye This entire family possess eyes that see the truth.
    • This means that illusion magic does not work on them.
    • They can also use their eyes to read languages they do not understand so long as it is written
  • Mark of the Supernatural Their eye color and design and the black markings around and beneath their eyes are their family's distinct marks. Many also have elongated teeth that are not quite large enough to be fangs.

    Whitley Witches 
The Whitley coven are the descendants of the ancient dragon. They are mostly blond with medium to light brunette. They each have fangs, dragon fin ears and oddly colored eyes. They have a magical tracking ability via scents.

  • Mark of the Supernatural They have dragon fin ears, fangs and odd-colored eyes.
  • Tracking Spell The entire family is a walking tracking spell. Their genetic ability is tracking through scents and the ability to differentiate scents on basically a molecular level.

    Birch Witches 
The Birch cover are the descendants of the ancient quetzalcoatl. The mostly have pale skin and shades of orange and brown hair. They have pointed ears and some are born with wings and claws. They have purifying powers.

    Simon Witches 

The Simon family is descended from the ancient ogre. They have medium to tan skin and are almost entirely brunette. Their family members are taller than the other witch families, have horns and fangs. Their eyes have hypnotic powers.

  • Hypnotic Eyes
  • Mark of the Supernatural They have fangs and horns. Their eyes are not as distinguished as the other families' eyes, but that is the source of their family's innate ability.

Other Witches


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