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Literature / Magical Annals Amor And Augurs

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Windfire, Nightshade and Riverrose on the witching plane

Magical Annals Amor And Augurs is book two of the Magical Annals series. It directly follows the events of Literature/Magical Annals Antiquities and Arcana. Thus, some spoilers may happen if you read this page before reading book one.

Windfire and Nightshade are now married and have agreed to help Riverrose claim the bounty on Earthwind and and any other member of the Simon family that can be found. After their near deaths, Windfire, Nightshade and Riverrose seek the advice of Silverwolf on exactly what they should do to gain more power.

Meanwhile, bizarre instances of deja vu begin happening to witches who do not have psychic abilities. Finding this to be a curious development that had never happened before in modern history to witches without psychic abilities, Nightshade's father begins trying to find answers.


Tropes Associated with Amor and Augurs

  • Black Blood Well, humans bleed red, commoner witches bleed blue and royal witches bleed silver.
  • Sex Magic Silverwolf explains a ceremony really on in the story. Basically it equates to this.
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  • Green-Eyed Monster Averted. Despite everything that happens throughout the story, he never once shows a drop of jealousy with Windfire and Riverrose's relationship.


    Deverille Witches 
The Deverille witches are the descendants of the ancient faery. They all have pointy ears, white markings beneath their eyes and pale white eyes. The mostly have dark hair or red hair. All of them have healing abilities from their faery ancestor.

  • Super Breeding Program This is what they did to make desirable gene pools among their heirs. Redheads which are incredibly rare are quite preferred.
  • Tempting Fate Skyfire's last line of the book.

    Gerard Witches 
The Gerard Witches are the descendants of the ancient matagot. They all have eye markings and black eyes with white slit pupils. They have mostly black hair with occasional blonds and brunettes. All of them have eyes that have see the truth.
  • The Reveal Nightfire has two of these.
    • The first moment is off-screen and it is discussed afterward. Windfire and Riverrose devise a way to have their privacy protected. They charm a necklace he wears. The charm creates an illusion that his hair is still long as it appeared to be before he let Nightshade cut his hair for his marriage to Windfire. Nightshade was still asleep when they devised this idea and since illusions don't work on him anyhow, he had no idea that there was an illusion done to something Riverrose wore. Nor was he awake to tell them about his family's inability to fall for illusion magic. So things get awkward.
    • Nightfire also speaks to the seers. And they explain that something in the timeline is going awry and that time will repeat itself in order to correct the deviation from the normal path if something is not done.

    Whitley Witches 
The Whitley coven are the descendants of the ancient dragon. They are mostly blond with medium to light brunette. They each have fangs, dragon fin ears and oddly colored eyes. They have a magical tracking ability via scents.

    Birch Witches 
The Birch cover are the descendants of the ancient quetzalcoatl. The mostly have pale skin and shades of orange and brown hair. They have pointed ears and some are born with wings and claws. They have purifying powers.

    Simon Witches 

The Simon family is descended from the ancient ogre. They have medium to tan skin and are almost entirely brunette. Their family members are taller than the other witch families, have horns and fangs. Their eyes have hypnotic powers.

Other Witches


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