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Excuse me m'am, do we know each other?

"Not that she would believe him. Not that you should believe this story. Promise me that you won’t believe a word."

Nine stories by Kelly Link which link speculative fiction (mainly horror, but there is also more than a pinch of fantasy) with Postmodernism but are still not overdone stylistically and nice to read. Stock elements of fantasy and horror are introduced and arranged in accordance with the pattern of Magical Realism rather than in a way it is usually done in horror genre, which makes all stories positively SCARY in a non-typical way. In the stories there appear zombies, ghosts, shapeshifters and talking animals, but also supermarkets and soap operas, which results in the effect similar to that in the fiction of Philip K. Dick (and allows the author to comment on reality from time to time). The first story begins with the reference to Lewis's Narnia series. And all this is done in non-parodist way. In short: yummy. (That is, if you don't care about not knowing what caused what and why even after reading the whole book. It is even hard to tell if all the stories take place in the same universe.)


Includes the following stories...

  • The Faery Handbag - about the handbag through which one can enter another world.
  • The Hortlak - about two guys living in the supermarket visited by zombies.
  • The Cannon - about the Cannon, whatever it is (if you've read the story, you know what I mean).
  • Stone Animals - about the house haunted by stone rabbits. No, really.
  • Catskin - about the adventures of the witch's children and the same witch's cats.
  • Some Zombie Contingency Plans - about the man obsessed by the said plans. Better than it sounds.
  • The Great Divorce - about the man who married a dead woman.
  • Magic for Beginners - about a TV series slowly absorbing reality.
  • Lull - about the people who got trapped in time.


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