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Literature / Lords And Lore

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Aettus, one of the mountain's resident Druigons

Lords And Lore is the sequel to Lord Of The Mountain. Both fall under Rainy Peaks Mountain Works as the creators Nikki Flynn and Edwin Dantes classify their stories. Lords and Lore focuses on a rotation of characters and it bounces between the past and present. Alaric and Ritana are followed, as is one of Alaric's brothers, Aettus.The story explains what happens over time to the druidic dragons who reside on the mountainside.


Tropes Associated with Lords and Lore

  • Babies Ever After Several of the dragons have settled down with mates and have begun propagating the dragon blood and druid blood.
  • Druid All of the dragons on the mountainside are also druids who worship the goddess of nature.
  • Shapeshifting The dragons do it to maintain a humanoid form.
  • Strong Family Resemblance All of the dragon brothers have blond hair, similar builds and similar-looking dragon forms. So do their children.

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