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Literature / Lilac Sphere

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A book in the Alice, Girl from the Future series by Kir Bulychev, and a 1987 film by Pavel Arsenov, with Natalia Guseva reprising her role as Alisa.

In 2087, Alisa along with her father Professor Seleznev and their friends Captain Green and Gromozeka the archaeologist, encounter a dead spaceship, the Black Wanderer. This ship traveled to Earth in the past and left there a purple sphere that is a weapon. It is a bomb that will explode and release a virus that will make all people hate each other and want to kill each other. The Black Wanderer was going to then come to Earth and take over the planet, but some the virus made the crew kill each other, while the bomb is still on Earth. This bomb will explode and undermine the Earth in eight hours.


Therefore, Alisa and Gromozeka must go back in time to The Age of Myth, when there really were wizards and dragons. Here, they enlist the help of the sorcerer Uuukh, and encounter many figures from Slavic Mythology, such as Baba-Yaga and Koschei the Deathless. Eventually, the heroes find the sphere, and Uuukh casts it into the sun, saving the future. Alisa and Gromozeka return to their time, and all is well.




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