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Legend of the Otherworld Traveler is an Isekai Fantasy Web Serial Novel that takes place on another world known as Amanria.

The story follows Ryan Tyrell who, on his way home, is nearly run over by a car and finds himself suddenly tackled by a lizard-like Beastfolk in the middle of a city straight out of a fantasy story. After a few bad impressions, and learning he is cursed to not only always appear to be lying, but also be incapable of speaking his own name, he takes on the moniker of Rex Rotenkaiser and learns to survive in this dangerous new world he finds himself in.


It is published on Tapas by Drakolf Grimm, and can be found here:

Tropes found in Legend of the Otherworld Traveler:

  • Adventure Guild: In the world of Amanria, becoming an Adventurer is a viable profession, and can serve as legal identification as a citizen of a given nation.
  • Armor-Piercing Attack: Ryan's Hermetic Magic, while weaker than Amanria's Vancian system, is capable of completely penetrating magical resistances.
  • Awesome McCoolname: Invoked with Ryan's moniker of 'Rex Rotenkaiser'.
  • Meaningful Name: 'Rex Rotenkaiser' can directly translate to 'King Crimson Emperor'.
  • No-Sell: Ryan is practically immune to most harmful magic effects due to his magic resistance, and is considered a Magebreaker by locals. Healing magic is still able to be used on him, albeit at a reduced rate.
  • Our Elves Are Different: Aelfan are fairly standard for what one would expect, though the term 'Elf' is considered horrifically racist.
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  • Our Kobolds Are Different: Kobolti are natives to the Empire of Bahrati and live above ground with other races.
  • RPG-Mechanics Verse: Downplayed and Subverted. While Appraisal manifests for Ryan as a character/status screen, the numbers within are abstractions designed to facilitate understanding in the viewer.
  • Translation Convention: Ryan's ability to understand and speak any language always appears to himself as English.
  • Vancian Magic: The magic of Amanria operates on a spells-per-eight-hours system. The power of a given spell relies on the amount of potential spells used for casting.

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