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Literature / Legend Of The Five Knights

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The Legend of the Five Knights is a Fantasy Web Serial Novel series published on Wattpad by Imperial Sun.

Entries in the series thus far include:

Rise of a Guardian Angel

The Shadow of Justice

It covers the story of Tetsuya Kuroriku who was born to the wealthy and famous Kuroriku clan. However, out of the six Houses of the Kuroriku, he was born to the infamous second branch which lacks the resources of the main, and other branches. They don't even have the privilege of having their own name to differentiate them from the main household.


After living in the countryside for most of his life, this plain college boy is invited to the royal palace.Excited at first to meet the king, Tetsuya soon finds out that the kingdom will require more of him than a hand to till the soil. He is to become one of the five knights. His weapon? A shield.His duty? To protect the kingdom from the umber forces that threaten to destroy it.

Yet, the more he sees and hears, the more he begins to ponder if the true darkness isn't within the castle walls themselves...

It serves as a prequel of sorts to the author's Immortal Sun Mist Emperor series.