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Literature / Lazarillo De Tormes

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The Life of Lazarillo de Tormes and its fortunes and adversities (better known as Lazarillo de Tormes ) is an anonymous Spanish novel , written in the first person and in epistolary style (as a single, long letter), whose earliest known editions date back to 1554 . In it,the life of a child, Lázaro de Tormes, in the 16th century , from his birth and miserable childhood until his wedding, already in adulthood, is recounted in an autobiographical way. It is considered the precursor of the picaresque novel.

Aprende, necio, que el mozo del ciego un punto más listo ha de ser que el diablo

Lazarillo de Tormes is an ironic and ruthless sketch of the society of the moment, showing his vices and hypocritical attitudes, especially those of clergymen and religious. There are different hypotheses about its authorship. The author was probably sympathetic to Erasmus ideas . This motivated the Inquisition to prohibit it and, later, to allow its publication, once it was expunged.


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