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King Warrior Magician Lover: Rediscovering the archetypes of the mature masculine by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette is a Jungian cross-section about how people, especially men, can grow up to be healthy or dysfunctional in thinking, feeling and behavior patterns. The emotional development of many people is stunted at immature levels and patriarchal society is, according to the authors, interested in domination. In today's society it's easier to find entitlement, abuse, inability to act effectively in one's life and aiming for domination of others than it is to find people, who have gone through hardship and transformed deeply in spirit as a result and are thus better equipped to take on huge responsibilities while maximizing the beneficial difference they can make in both their own and others' lives.


The archetypes that form the book's title, the archetypes of generative order, controlled aggression, observant insight and heartfelt relatedness to other humans and beings balance and support each other. They will be developed slowly, brick by brick, by taking on rebellious immature energy forms that trap us in self-limiting patterns. The book takes a look at different ways shadow versions of listed masculine archetypes(although similar patterns can appear in women as well) can show up and how they can adversely affect someone's development.


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