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Literature / Kill the Joker: Survival Game

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"Redemption is a fickle thing.

Nine detectives and nine serial killers find themselves playing a dangerous survival game of deductions, pretending, and - murder. With your life and alias on the line, what would you give up for a shot at redemption?

Kill the Joker: Survival Game is a killing game that borrows mechanics from the Danganronpa series without being set in that universe, so this is spoiler-free.


Kill the Joker: Survival Game is an original story being written by galakei. It is written in script format, and features eighteen original characters trapped inside of an unknown location.

The reader follows Arato Shoto, a pretty average high school student who became recognized for acts of courage and bravery when a fire broke out in his school and he saved a class trapped inside. He wakes up somewhere he doesn't recognize and meets seventeen other people, ranging from normal citizens to celebrities. However, they soon find out that nine of them are infamous serial killers and the other nine are detectives. Everyone is faced with the reality as their host, Maid-chan, reveals that they will be trapped there in a game of lies, betrayal, and, of course, murder.


This fanfic provides examples of:

  • Flower Motifs: The wallpaper is designed with various flowers meaning different things.
  • Oh, Crap!: Spring takes a guess on what everyone has in common to try and save Rabbit. However, it doesn't work out so well for her.
  • You Wake Up in a Room: In fact, everyone does!


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