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Billions of super humans. One superhero.

Jolt by Unclepulky is a web serial novel about Carter Myers, a man whose superpower comes from his fear.

The story is told through the eyes of three people. There's Carter Myers, aka Lightning Bee, a giant dork, and the world's only superhero. Next, there's Raina Davenport, aka Queen. She's a rich, teenage mean girl, who figures that being a super villain will be all sorts of fun. Rounding out the main trio, there's Malcolm, aka Bang. He's an elderly man who feels compelled to kill "bad guys", but above all else, makes sure his sisters are taken care of. His "sisters" happen to be guns.


Taking place in a world where 20% of Earth's population has superpowers, fourteen years after the disappearance of every superhero in the world, these three attempt to go about their lives, while getting in each other's way, and facing large threats.

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