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A fantasy series by Mary Janice Davidson and Anthony Alongi featuring the title teenage half were-dragon half-beaststalker (a warrior race). The series is aimed at a young adult audience and currently has five books:

  • Jennifer Scales and the Ancient Furnace in which Jennifer discovers her heritage.
  • Jennifer Scales and the Messenger of Light in which she protects her family from her revengeful half sister.
  • The Silver Moon Elm in which she reverses an attempt of changing the past and eliminating her people.
  • Seraph of Sorrow is mainly about the back stories of other characters. In the end of this book Jennifer's town is magically isolated.
  • Rise of the Poisoned Moon in which Jennifer tries to stop the war between weredragons and beaststalkers and saves her town. In the end of this book weredragons are discovered by the general public and the military starts killing them.

There's also a forthcoming sixth book Evangelina featuring Jennifer's half sister.

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