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Literature / Isaac Asimov Presents: The Great Science Fiction Stories, Volume 8 (1946)

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First published in 1982 by editors Isaac Asimov and Martin H. Greenberg. This Genre Anthology contains sixteen Science Fiction stories that were first published in 1946, ranging in length from Short Story to Novelette. The introduction describes "the world outside reality" first, marking significant historical events, sports trivia, and literary publications. The "real world" is the science fiction and fantasy pop culture, the birth of what many in the 1970s were calling the Golden Age of Science Fiction.


Because World War II ended in September of 1945, this book covers the first year of peace. The introductions have been growing larger and larger, because individuals that had been drafted for the war effort are being released back to civilian lives. Many of these creators are taking inspiration from their time in service for innovations and inventions. "Automation" is coined by Delmar S. Herder, a portmanteau of "automatic operation". Depending on your view, this year begins or ends the Golden Age, and ending means preparing the transition to New Wave Science Fiction.


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