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Child of Wind
Emperor of the Celestial Sun Mist formerly called Imperial Sun Mist Emperor is a Fantasy Web Serial Novel series published on wattpad by Imperial Sun, updating every days.

Entries in the series include:Novus Magus

Descent of Darkness

and the currently ongoing Blade of Ruin.

Also has a prequel anthology, called Lost to the Ages- [1] and a spin-off series consisting of Heart of Magic which takes place in a different planet within the same universe.

The main series covers the story of Lei Lan, a boy who seeks to become the strongest magician in the universe. However, he first must deal with his 'crimpling disease' as well as the trauma that bullying revolving around that disease caused in him.To become the strongest mage, he sets off to Nine Petal Academy, one of the top magic school on the continent of Tozan Hoshi. Only issue is that the school isn't even in his home country of Wahkan but in the Empire of Kyuu Seishin on the mainland.

Despite knowing this, Lei dedicates himself to passing the exam and hopes to win the 'First Year Exchange Student Tournament' that the newly admitted foreigner students are required to participate in following the exam.


While taking the test, he meets several different people, such as the stern Nyima and the wannabe ladies-man Iah, among others. In addition he reunites with an old friend from his childhood whom he once swore to protect for reasons known only to him and that girl.

What he and the others don't anticipate, is the resistance to their presence in Nine Petal Academy. Lei and his friends must figure out a way around that resistance or have their dreams come crashing down on them.

The prequel meanwhile is a compilation of tales that tell the events of the world of Xeleria, thousands of years prior to the birth of Lei.

The second book, Descent of Darkness, as well as the prequel are currently posting.


This web novel provides examples of:

  • Academy of Adventure: Nine Petal Academy has various secrets, including some mysterious ruins on the other side of the mountain where the main characters' dorms are located in.
  • Accidental Pervert: An is seen as pervert by Sarah due to accidentally warping next to her while she was bathing. Iah teases Nyima as being a perv after she walked in on his walking out of the bathroom.
  • Action Girl: Nearly every girl in the series can qualify. Special mention goes to the girls making up the group of freshmen exchange students.
  • Anti-Hero: Eien can be considered this or an Anti-Villain depending on how one sees the guy.
  • Battle Couple: Xinyi and Yin from the prequel can qualify as this, more so in the latter part of their tale.
  • Bishōnen: Several of the guys can be considered this. However, special mention goes to Iah and his ancestor, Yin (the latter is pretty enough that he is often confused for a girl, even when he isn't forced to cross dress). Book three introduces Nate who is commented by one of the other male characters to have a very 'feminine-like' body.
  • Blow You Away: Lei's primary element is wind. Other characters include most members of Lei's family and members of the sixth branch of the Kyuu-Hyaku clan.
  • Chick Magnet: Iah. As are his ancestors, Yin and Tai, who formed harems of their own. Lei is turning out to be one too.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Iah's primary element is earth. Other earth mages include Xue, and the members of the first branch of the Kyuu-Hyaku clan.
  • Extra-ore-dinary: Adela's third element is metal. Other metal mages include the White Tiger branch of the Wudi clan as well as the seventh branch of Kyuu-Hyaku.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Plot: To fully gasp the story of the main series one needs to piece together several clues. Some of these clues are found in the prequel and some are found in a book belonging to another of Imperial Sun's works, Legend of the Five Knights.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: This trope's name itself might be an understatement. This is due to the setting being a school and involving various clans and fractions. The prequel also has an large cast in each of its tales.
  • Light 'em Up: Nyima's second element is light. Adela may or might not have light powers too considering her position as the High Priestess of Xian.
  • Making a Splash: Nyima's primary element is water. Sarah's clan specializes in water spells, as does the third branch of the Kyuu-Hyaku clan.
  • Naked First Impression: An's first meeting of Sarah which lead to her labeling him as a perv, much to his dismay.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: While not actual dragons, most elements have a dragon shaped spell. Then there's the magic element, 'dragon' which is the second element of The Rival, Iah. Other dragon mages include Tahoma from Yuzuki's side-story, and the eight branch of Kyuu-Hyaku. Then there is the reanimated dragon that appears during Iah and Arima's battle against Ren and Youko. Actually, dragons aren't even considered native to the realm of Xeleria. In the start of book two, the real home of the dragons is shown and some of its draconic residents aren't your traditional dragons.
  • Playing with Fire: Adela's primary element (though rarely used) is fire. Other fire users include the second and ninth branch members of the Kyuu-Hyaku clan.
  • Shock and Awe: Lei's secondary element is lightning. Fellow exchange student, Alto a pure lightning mage. Others include members of the seventh branch of Kyuu-Hyaku.
  • The Four Gods: The branches of Iah's clan are based on this. Iah himself (along with his uncle Huang) is a member of the fifth branch, representing the often forgotten Yellow Dragon. Iah's cousin, Azure, as well as their ancestor, Tai, represent the Azure Dragon. The first tale of the prequel revolves around the creation of the clan and feature the gods prominently.