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Imagine Someday is an urban fantasy novel and the debut of author Karen Lofgren.

It tells the story of Diego Avery, a lonely young man who discovers a griffin in his forested backyard. Said griffin, named Aglaciel, can't remember anything about what happened to him. A Quest for Identity begins when Diego's girlfriend, Miho, finds a unicorn in a nearby public park, and a lot more questions than answers are brought to the surface.

However, Diego has a lot of baggage himself, and sooner or later that's going to come to the forefront...

Starts off as a pretty typical A Boy and His X story — a young man having adventures with his griffin, but it but quickly gets darker.


Contains examples of:

  • Dark and Troubled Past:
    • Diego was sexually abused by his father.
    • Rahim was abandoned and essentially taken in by Christian Avery for slave labor.
    • Jillian was almost mauled to death by griffins while terrified and alone in the mountains.
    • Dawn watched Argent slaughter her family.
  • Declaration of Protection: Implied. It goes unsaid for most of the story, but Rahim is definitely going to protect Diego, no matter what gets in his way.
  • Our Wyverns Are Different: True dragons died out a long time ago, but wyverns appear in the story. They don't like being mistaken for their four-legged cousins and unlike many other examples have no magic powers to speak of.
  • Rape as Backstory: Diego was raped as a child. It's more or less portrayed realistically.