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Literature / Ice Age: Chills, Thrills And Spills

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Laugh your way across the frozen tundra!

A guidebook of sorts by Michael Teitelbaum published in February 2002 for the first Ice Age film. It contains the passports of several characters, diary entries (Sid and Manny), interviews with Sid, games and various guides to help one in their migration.

Provides Examples Of:

  • Ass-Kicking Pose: The image of a dodo on the Tae Kwon Dodo folder.
  • Diary: Both Sid and Manny apparently have one and pages of them can be found in the book.
  • Diving Kick: The Tae Kwon Dodo move named the Flying Kick.
  • Hopeless Suitor: Sid to Jennifer and Rachel, who are completely disgusted by him in this book.
  • Rule of Funny: Pretty much the entire point of this book.
  • Show Within a Show: The Speak To Sid segments, the Tundra Times, the Campfire Tales and Eavesdropping On Zeke, Oscar And Lenny.
  • Stone Punk: The L.L. Gleam catalog provides some examples. A modified Offspring Sled from said catalog later on appears in Ice Age: Continental Drift, used by Sid's family.
    • Some of the so called military hardware in the Top Secret: The Dodo Weapons Catalog may also apply.
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  • Talk Show: The Speak To Sid segments.

Alternative Title(s): Ice Age Sids Subzero Survival Skills