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Robert and Marianne Newton die within minutes of each other. He is killed on his doorstep, she is hit by a speeding car in broad daylight.

As the woman slowly dying, she entrusts a mysterious parcel to Glideon Smith, an accountant who was on the scene. A sword with engraving of language unknown that throws hallucinations at him, and a group of men that would kill for the sword sends his life into disarray.


Berlin detective Torsten Neubauer, an Interpol exchange, arrives in London to observe the workings of British police. A certain Newton couple was found dead and strangely, The witnesses can’t remember any details. Every trail that leads to the answer are dismissed as another common atrocities. Together with his British colleagues, they start looking for clues.

Heart is a "urban fantasy" novel written in late 1990 by Simon Morden and released in 2002 as his first novel publication by Razorblade Press. It is available for free as of 2002 in E-book form here as an experiment in electronic publishing. (Though the fact that then independent publisher only make a limited print run probably helps.)


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