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"The UNSC needs time to develop effective countermeasures against Covenant technology, and it’s your job to buy that time. You need to make the alien commanders afraid of us. You need to convince them that humans are crazy, that anytime a Covenant fleet outruns its support or fails to consolidate its advances, we will find a way to make it pay."
Admiral Preston J. Cole

Halo: Silent Storm is the 26th book in the Halo franchise, written by Troy Denning, making this his third Halo novel.

It is the first year of the Human-Covenant War, and the UNSC is still operating in the dark about the scale and capabilities of their enemy. Desperate to gain a foothold, the Spartan-II program, led by a young John-117 and initially developed to fight Insurrectionist groups in the Outer Colonies, are turned against the Covenant and tasked with intelligence gathering in the hope that some way of delivering a decisive blow to the Covenant onslaught can be discovered. Operation: SILENT STORM is enacted to that end, but the Spartans are faced with a familiar enemy as they encounter heavy resistance from the United Rebel Front, who see the Covenant invasion as an opportunity to break free from Earth's governance, and are even willing to consider forging an alliance with them to do so. With one Sangheili Shipmaster willing to give the Insurrectionists an ear, the Spartans are on a race against time to prove humanity can stand up against the alien invaders.


It is followed by a direct sequel, Halo: Oblivion.

Tropes featured:

  • The Bus Came Back: This novel marks the return of many minor Spartan-II characters who had earlier one-off appearances in other Halo stories. Daisy-023 (previously seen in Homecoming) gets the biggest role of the bunch, with other appearances from many Spartans who had their last significant appearance in Halo: First Strike (Joshua-029, Grace-093, Anton-044, and Malcolm-059), one who last appeared in The Package (Solomon-069), and even Kurt-051, who has been mentioned plenty of times throughout the novels but who last appeared in-person back in Halo: Ghosts of Onyx.
  • Downer Beginning: The book opens with the Spartan-II's infiltrating a Covenant frigate to acquire intelligence, which ends with a dud when the ship is alerted to the UNSC presence and self-destructs.
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  • Genre Throwback: The book as a whole reads as a throwback to the early Eric Nylund-authored Halo books, which were largely hardened Military Science Fiction in tone.
  • Generic Doomsday Villain: The UNSC still have very little idea about how to fight the Covenant at this stage of the war, making them come off as this in their eyes.
  • Les Collaborateurs: A group of United Rebel Front cells led by Harper Garvin believe making a truce with the Covenant can secure them their independence from the United Earth Governments.

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