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God's Play is a 2014 Young Adult Urban Fantasy novel by H.D. Lynn. It is about Blood Knight monster hunter Toby, who has Contagious Powers.

When his mother dies horribly, Toby meets Reluctant Monster William. As they adventure across the UK and Ireland, they fight witches, shape shifters, and other hunters who have their own ideas on how to use Toby and his powers for themselves. The plot revolves around the idea that the creatures in mythology exist, and how the modern hunters are descendants of ancient heroes.

This work provides examples of:

  • Absolute Xenophobe: Toby's grandfather and most of the hunters towards all monsters and magical beings.
  • Action Mom: Toby's mum, who trains him how to be a hunter.
  • Quest for Identity: Toby's confusion about his powers over the shifters sends him on one of these.
  • Safety in Muggles: The Veil provides this to the shifters and monsters, allowing them to appear normal most of the time (if they want to), but it also limits magical powers.
  • Tortured Monster: William, both literally and figuratively.


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