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Literature / Flight (2007)
aka: Flight

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The story follows Zits, a Native American trying to cope with his various past abusive adoptive parents with random acts of violence, calling himself the "time travelling mass murderer".

A 2007 novel by Sherman Alexie. His take on being a homeless American Indian teenager... takes a Science Fiction twist, as he possesses the bodies of other men throughout time. In many ways, it was because he viewed Indian Killer as an Old Shame.

Tropes featured in Flight include:

  • Abusive Parents:: Zits has been through several sets of abusive foster parents these by the time the story starts.
  • Hiding Your Heritage: Zits' mother was Irish while his father was an Indian, but because his father never legally claimed him he's legally not an Indian himself.
  • Healing Shiv: Not quite, Justice has a paint gun and an actual gun.
  • Hypocrite: Abbad, a Muslim who drinks with his friend.
  • Ironic Hell: Living as an FBI agent involved in making IRON activists disappear. Yeah.
  • Loincloth: Standard clothing for all Sioux and Cheyenne males.
  • Luke, I Am Your Father: Zits briefly becomes his own father, who abandoned him, and sees what an alcoholic mess the man has become since.
  • Shout-Out: The Nannapush Reservation is a reference to Louise Erdrich's character Lulu Nanapush.

Alternative Title(s): Flight