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Flesh & Blood is a weekly web serial-go-novel and sequel to Under My Skin, written by A. E. "Asynca" Dooland and funded through Kickstarter. The book's themes include gender, sexuality and dysfunctional families, particularly those of gender and sexuality diverse people.

Having left her job at Frost International, transgender artist Min Lee is finally free to sort out who she is and what she wants from life. Except, she quickly finds herself facing her conservative Korean mother's attempts to have her marry Henry, the longtime boyfriend with whom she recently broke up. To further complicate things, Min's new girlfriend Bree is doing badly at school and her family is still in massive debt due to her brother's gambling addiction.

With the odds stacked against Min, her past at Frost haunting her, her friends suffering their own crises, and her girlfriend desperately trying to salvage some self-esteem, Min’s support system is crumbling. And in the end, when everything has fallen completely apart and there’s nowhere left to turn – what happens if you find out you can’t rely on your family, after all?


Chapters are currently available to be read on the author's website.

Flesh & Blood contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Affectionate Nickname: Sarah uses "Schoolgirl" for Bree, "Toyboy" for Min and "Gem" for Gemma.
  • Everybody Hates Mathematics: Everybody except Gemma, that is.
  • Morning Sickness: While one might initially blame it on her drinking habits, Sarah does turn out to be pregnant.
  • Meddling Parents: Min's mother, who desperately wants her daughter to marry (her birthday gift is a book of wedding dresses) and is prepared to travel all the way to Australia for it. Averted by Bree's parents, who don't seem to care that their daughter goes to late night parties on a school day.
  • Recovering Addict: Min certainly has a history with alcohol, which is why Bree makes sure she doesn't drink too much at her own birthday party.
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  • Shout-Out: When Min sees Sarah the morning after the birthday party, she likens her to a creature out of Silent Hill.
  • Surprise Party: Sarah throws a high-school themed one for Min's 26th birthday. Includes a birthday cake shaped like a drawing tablet!
  • That Came Out Wrong: Min's birthday cake features apparently edible stick figures, leading to a lot of 'eating each other' jokes. Bree apparently misses these, because she later offers to share her piece with Gemma, who frequently gets teased for being single, and then proceeds to dig herself deeper.
    Bree: Oh, no! That’s not what I meant! I just thought we could share because I made Min’s slice really big and I’m really small and I can’t fit all of this in!
    Gay Matt: Could you give us a demo of what you have in mind?
  • Wham Line: Chapter 6 ends with the revelation that Sarah is pregnant.


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