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Fishbowl is a science fiction Web Serial Novel by Anna Boekelheide. The story follows four online friends, Chelsea, Naomi, Angelina, and Lachlan, all of whom are fans of a band called The Goldfish Technique.

A man named Falcon shows up at Naomi's apartment, claiming to have been sent there by The Goldfish Technique's bass player Dominic. The four friends find themselves pursued by a mysterious woman named Sarah, who works for the CEO of Clyde Packaging Solutions—the company where Chelsea is an intern.


This web serial novel provides examples of:

  • Another Dimension: Mostly subverted. When Lachlan suggests he and Sam have traveled to another dimension, Sam mocks him before giving a flawed but relatively accurate explanation of inter-dimensional travel.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Billy Clyde.
  • Deaf Composer: Jessica, The Goldfish Technique's drummer, is deaf.
  • Sarah briefly considers using an Extradimensional Shortcut as a way to travel to Australia to capture Lachlan, then dismisses it as too time-consuming, as she'd still end up almost a day's drive away from Lachlan's home in Brisbane.
  • Instant Sedation: Lachlan's kidnappers inject him with a substance that renders him unconscious within a few seconds.
  • Mind over Matter: Sarah and Falcon can both move objects with their minds.
  • Pinned to the Wall: Falcon pins Sarah to the wall with a metal table frame during their altercation in Naomi's apartment.
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  • Psychic Powers: 98 uses psychic powers to hunt for prey, and later to read Nancy's thoughts.
  • Sarah subjects Chelsea to a Psychic Strangle while trying to capture her in Naomi's apartment. She does the same to Naomi after cornering her in an elevator.
  • Rich Bitch: Lily Clyde. She berates an air park employee, fires someone in front of their coworkers for getting her coffee order wrong, and is generally nasty to others.
  • Southern Gentleman: Subverted with Billy Clyde, who despite his wealth, white linen suit, and Georgia accent, is anything but a gentleman.
  • Tentacled Terror: 98 and the Sisters have many tendril-like limbs, as does the monster that attacks Lachlan and Sam.
  • Til Murder Do Us Part: Lily Clyde was responsible for her late husband's disappearance.

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