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Favor of Ares is an upcoming series of fantasy novels written by Terrio Jenkins. The series follows a team of paranormal detectives in modern time in a setting where Greek Mythology exists. Each book is named after one of the deadly sins and has a crime theme around that sin.The first book Lust, is currently on its second draft. The second book, Gluttony, is going through it's first revision. The first chapter of the first draft, can be read at here.The series is also planned to be adapted into a graphic novel and the novel will also have an illustrated edition inspired by Japanese Light Novels. The art for the illustrated edition is by the author himself and concept art can be seen here. The official website is here

Tropes found in this work:

  • One-Word Title: Each of the known books:
    • "Lust"
    • "Gluttony"
  • Psychic Powers: one of the main concepts of the series.
  • Token Minority: a subversion. Each character does represent a race, but they are not stereotypically written.


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