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Are you sure this isn't nonsense fiction?
The narrator

Fantasy: Travels is a series of books of fantastic genre - well... that was unexpected - made by Owen Glendower. The series is still on its first book without an estimate of how many are going to be produced, despite the narrator saying that he wanted to make just one book.

The story starts with Larry, a young librarian who just wanted some time off his boring work; but after an accident in the register room, he finds a magic book that send him to another dimension. In the background there are five elders observing and plotting against his actions while he travels through planes. After being dragged to Feralis where he meets Volpi, a shy fox; they depart to Omir and Galway where Ailith, an innocent swordswoman join their ranks; to Illura where they find Lykke, the mage; and other random planes finally reaching Latalie where the party is forced to split up.


To see the tropes of the first book, please refer to: Fantasy: Travels - Larry

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