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The Falcon Quinn series is a series of children's fantasy novels by Jennifer Boylan, previously a writer for adults.

The titular Falcon is an almost-thirteen-year-old boy who lives with his grandmother in a small town in Maine. One day, on the freezing cold Spring Equinox, he nearly falls through the frozen pond in pursuit of his tuba. He doesn't think too much of it at first, and gets on the schoolbus with his classmates Max and Megan. But rather than winding up at school, they find themselves taken to a strange building with no architectural solidity, and are greeted by a strange woman who informs them that they're all monsters!

They've come to an Academy for Monsters, a place which seeks to educate them and their many fellow students about their monster nature... and how to repress it. Monsters, in addition to scaring humans, are hunted by the guardians—so-called "protectors" of humans. Of course, many monsters hold no love for humans, either. To top it all off, Falcon doesn't even know what kind of monster he is! Now he and his friends must make a choice: Do they stick with their cool new powers despite the odds, or do they try to blend in to survive?

Despite that somewhat-grim descriptor, this is a mostly lighthearted series that relies heavily on humor (as well as strong dialogue and characterization) to help tell its story and build its world.

This series contains examples of: