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Fabled Hearts by Snowymsytic is a fantasy Short Story collection in the format of a Web Serial Novel.

There are, at this point in time, two main settings in which stories are set, as lifted from the author's descriptions;

The Tunnelverse stories are set among the many dimensional tunnels that run through worlds and dimensions. The Train runs on tracks in some of these tunnels, and monstrous beings like the Big Mouths prowl the nigh endless ways. There are four lands that have more direct connections to this meta-dimension. Snowy Elcon, Blazing Korund, Vibrant Faror and the Ludicrously Damp Bluville. The author mainly focuses on Elcon for these stories, which tend to be silly in nature. All of the author's settings are connected to this one.

The Motionverse stories are set in a dimension that has not got the train running through it. The tunnel leading through it is small. In this universe magic is motion and patterns. Without motion nothing moves, not even time. These stories set in Kigan, Awarth, Sunder and The Voidspread are more serious than those in Elcon, they can also get pretty silly too.

For the Motionverse the author focuses on Kigan which is a round world who’s sky is covered by the branches of the Anchor Tree Yaibggael, who’s fruits are that world’s stars and their sun and moon, Ollan and Nanlach. Kigan has one more sun and moon, ones not borne of the Anchor Tree. Blood red Relhs the prison of torment and Golden Vlahros seen as paradise by many.The roots of Yaibggael descend deep past Urlbris, the mazerealm where the once dead face trials, and into the very heart of the planet. There is however another side to Kigan, to those that know how or those that slip, fall or are pulled the right way, a mirror, a shadow or a dream can lead one to the obscure realm of Awarth. A realm of shadows, dreams and reflections.

You can forget all that though, as the stories are basically in the vein of the Oz series, but with even less humans.

Fabled Hearts launched on the 8th of November 2013 updating on Fridays until the 29th of January, when Wednesday was added as an update day. The author plans to stop updating when he is dead. The base pattern of updates is thus; One update story(Elcon) One update story(Kigan) Multi update story(Elcon) One update story(Kigan) One update story(Elcon) Multi update story(Kigan)

As of the 23rd of march there was seven multi update stories and fifteen one update stories.

This series provides examples of:

  • Animate Inanimate Object: Rocks.
  • Loads and Loads of Races: Given what the tunnelverse is, this isn't a surprising trope to find in these works. Large amounts of anthropomorphic beings bulk out the ranks a bit.
  • Our Monsters Are Weird: In the case of Elcon there is everything from cones with feet, leathery snakes in the shape of a dress with handhair and super scary teeth. You also get things like the explodaheads, which can as you might think , explode its head. It grows a new one afterwards. There is also rocks that can see, talk and move in spite of not having any parts that would allow those actions. The motionverse is a bit less extreme, being more traditional fantasy, but since it draws on folklore and the writer is the same, things still get a bit weird. Like the hollow bug people in the shape of skeletons who have their shadow inside their body.