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Book 1: First edition cover

The Eclipse Trilogy is a Cyberpunk book series by John Shirley. It depicts a dystopian future where a new Soviet Union attacks Western Europe. They manage to repel the Soviets, but the war has left Europe in chaos. The U.S. is also in crisis. To restore order, NATO sanctions a private, multinational police force, the Second Alliance Security Corporation, unaware of their objectives for world domination.

Novels in the series

  • Eclipse (1985)
  • Eclipse Penumbra (1988)
  • Eclipse Corona (1990)


  • Ambiguous Gender: One famous Minimono star was born male, but had his private parts removed to be more androgynous.
  • Crapsack World/Dystopia: World War III has happened, the Religious Right reigns the USA, and the fascists came back to power in Europe.
  • Cyberpunk: Has elements of this, with the events involving the Grid and the developed technology, befitting a story written in The '80s).
  • Cyberspace: The "grid". Some people treat it as if it was a conscious and possibly friendly entity.
  • Enemy Mine:
    • Israeli Steinfeld has to make the rich oil sheiks help his cause. He points out that they'll be next if they don't help.
    • Also, the New Resistance unites all kinds of people, from Christian Democrats to Communists and Anarchists. And for some reason, many artists.
  • Failed Future Forecast: The first book came out in 1985 before the fall of the USSR. Later editions clarify that a new Soviet Union has emerged.
  • The Fundamentalist: Preacher "Smiling" Rick Crandall and others, behind the right-wing US government.
  • Future Music: This future has the new styles of Flare, Minimono and wiredancers