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Literature / Dolls (2012)
aka: Dolls

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A dark fantasy short story by Brendan O'Shea that first appeared in the 2012 volume of the University of Sydney student journal ARNA. The story follows two narratives. The first is told in italics and follows an unnamed narrator as they attempt to create life in the form of a doll. The second narrative follows a person who has just undergone surgery to become a doll and their re-entry into an abandoned world.


A preview of the story can be read on Google Books.

Dolls contains examples of:

  • A God Am I: The doll maker notes that in making dolls in their own image humans have become gods.
  • Body Horror: The dolls are human organs in a plastic shell. It's treated as surgery.
  • Creating Life: The doll maker is able to bring a doll to life. They also make a Shout-Out to Frankenstein when they refer to their "Frankenstein-like hand".
  • Eye Scream: After the doll is attacked they pull out their own eye.
  • No Name Given: None of the characters is given a name. The only character who gets any kind of name is called the doll.

Alternative Title(s): Dolls