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Distant Waves is a novel published by Suzanne Weyn. The story centers around a young woman named Jane Taylor, as well as her sisters and mother. The novel starts with a young Jane and her sisters, watching as their mother, a physic, attempts to contact a spirit. Her mother, Maude succeeds, awing Jane. This is the catalyst for the rest of the novel. Maude, who is pregnant with her dead husband's child, moves her family to Spirit Vale, where most of the novel is set. Later, a chilling prophecy of death and destruction lead Jane to the Titanic to rescue her sisters.


Distant Waves: A novel of the Titanic contains examples of:

  • First Love: Jane and Thad's relationship.
  • Love Hurts: Jane has her heart broken by Thad when he never writes.
  • Time Travel: Tesla tries to use a time machine to save the Titanic's passengers in the novel's climax.

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