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Literature / Destinies of Blood and Stone

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Destinies of Blood and Stone, by Robert Newcomb, is the sequel series to the Chronicles of Blood and Stone. The new villain (for a couple of books, at least), Wulfgar, is Tristan's evil half-brother, who is plotting revenge for some reason.

  • Savage Messiah (2005)
  • A March into Darkness (2007)
  • Rise of the Blood Royal (December 26, 2007)

The sequel series to this one, Victories of Blood and Stone, was wisely cancelled by the publisher and will hopefully never be made.


This series of books provides examples of:

  • Aerith and Bob: We have Tristan, Nicholas, Morganna, and Shailiha all coming from the same family. In the same world, we also have Failee, Succiu, Wigg, Shannon the Small, etc.
  • Airport Fantasy
  • Cool vs. Awesome: The conflict between the Ones Who Came Before and the Heretics basically boils down to The Roman Empire versus Feudal Japan (complete with samurai expies). It would've been completely awesome if the author actually gave a shit.


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