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Once an Omega, always an Omega.
Molly Bigelow is an ordinary middle school girl, who happens to like hanging out at the morgue. Her late mother used to work there. After getting attacked by a zombie, Molly learns of a secret group called the Omegas, who police and protect the undead in New York City. And her mother was a legendary member. This book by James Ponti was published in 2012. It was followed by two sequels, called Blue Moon and Dark Days.

Dead City contains examples of:

  • Academic Athlete: Molly describes Alex as having "supergeek brains in a quarterback's body".
  • Action Girl: Natalie and Molly are trained Omegas who fight and defeat several undead.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Grayson's younger brothers constantly argue and barge into his room.
  • Attractive Zombie: Many zombies look like ordinary humans, and can pull off an attractive look. Taken Up to Eleven with Natalie, who becomes a zombie in Dark Days, and retains her model looks.
  • Big Eater: Alex always eats an enormous lunch that would easily feed a group.
    Natalie: Alex eats more than any three people you've ever met. Try not to stare, he's very sensitive about it.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: The lunatic who attacked Molly's mother turns out to be Marek, one of the very first and most dangerous undead.
  • Friendly Zombie: The Type 1 zombies act like living humans and just want to live normal lives. Taken Up to Eleven with Molly's mom who completely retains her human personality after becoming a zombie (and continues working for Omega), and Natalie, who becomes a zombie in Dark Days.
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  • Gender-Equal Ensemble: The main team consists of two males (Grayson and Alex) and two females (Molly and Natalie).
  • In Medias Res: The book starts after Molly has killed a zombie, and is waiting for the other Omegas to help her hide the body. Then it explains what happened before.
  • Location Title: Dead City is the sewers, aqueducts, catacombs, and abandoned tunnels under Manhattan. Zombies spend time there so they won't attract attention.
  • Mismatched Eyes: Both Molly and her mother have one green eye and one blue eye.
  • Missing Mom: Molly's mother died before the story begins.
  • Pretend We're Dead: For Molly's final exam, she has to blend in with a group of zombies.
  • Secret Legacy: Molly's late mother used to be an Omega.


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